Latest stupid gmail idea from Google

The latest weez from Google HQ is apparently a plan to let allow people to send anyone an email, even if they do not have the person’s email address, just so long as both people have a Gmail and Google Plus account [and, as i’m sure you know if you have the former you have the latter regardless of whether you use it or not]. Google’s brilliant logic behind this is that it will be useful for people who know one another but haven’t exchanged emails.

I don’t know about you, but if I want someone to have my email, I share it with them. If I don’t … guess what.

Just because i know someone doesn’t mean I want them to have my email address.

You will be able to ‘opt out’ of this bollocks. It’s a shame you couldn’t opt out of having to have a G+ account to post comments to YouTube, Google’s last cack-handed attempt to force peoploe to use G+

Google are a great company. I loved Gmail from day one. I Love YouTube. I Love Android. I love Chrome. BUT. Slowly, they are pushing me away, particularly when it come to Gmail. It has been my main personal email for what will be ten years later this year, but I am now seriously considering ditching it. This latest ‘great idea’ just makes that decision move one step closer.

One thought on “Latest stupid gmail idea from Google

  1. With Goog I increasingly have this queasy feeling – like when the other guy owns the whole Monopoly board except the brown ones – yes, including the utility cos and the railways.


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