Odds & Sods

The man now in charge of Thomson Reuters, Tom Glocer has a blog: “I imagine much of my audience will be internal at Reuters, although this blog is open to anyone”.

Peter-Anthony Glick lead me to this article written by Susan Elliott Blashka about a presentation Nimmy Palaniappan gave during the APQC’s May 2006 KM conference, which looks at a toolkit which encompasses KM objectives, results, methods, tools, and techniques—everything an organization needs to form the basis of an effective KM program. Lots of good stuff here, and was going to do a longer post but Peter’s covers most of my main points.

GeekLawyer refuses to jump on the Madeline McCann bandwagon. Speaking on whcih we sat through a 60 second video about Madeline at Wembley on Saturday before the League Two play-off final – a game spoilt by Brisol Rovers winning.

Thanks to Steve Matthews for pointing me to the existence of the new BIALL ( (British and Irish Associations of Law Librarians) blog (about bloody time they had one frankly)

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