More Joost

I see the continuing problem I mentioned a few days ago continues with more people not being able to access Joost.

Over at NewTeeVee they at least got a post from Joost CEO

As you’ve pointed out, we’re having some problems….. We’ve been flooded with demand, which is fabulous and ultimately will make the system stronger, but since it’s unaccustomed to this level of usage it’s stumbling a bit, whereas we’d like it to be sprinting. We regret that you’re not getting you should right now, but we’re getting an incredible look at the system at work (… and more importantly what’s not working) so that we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again.
We’ll post again when the issue is fixed.
Thanks for your patience…..we’re getting there.
Cheers,Fredrik, CEO of Joost

Now, this is all very good Fredrik but where are you saying this on YOUR site?? It has been 10 days since I could last access the service and Fredrik’s post on a third party site is the first I have seen of Joost even admitting there is a problem. Not very impressive.

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